Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Motel room close to San Francisco

Chair in motel room, 2012

Morning light in motel room, 2012
iPhone images by Susan Bondor

"A motor hotel, or motel for short (also known as motor inn, motor court, motor lodge, tourist lodge, cottage court, auto camps, tourist home, tourist cabins, auto cabins, cabin camps, cabin court, or auto court), is a hotel designed for motorists, and usually has a parking area for motor vehicles. Entering dictionaries after World War II, the word motel, coined in 1925 as a portmanteau of motor and hotel ormotorists' hotel, referred initially to a type of hotel consisting of a single building of connected rooms whose doors faced a parking lot and, in some circumstances, a common area; or a series of small cabins with common parking. Motels are often privately owned, though motel chains do exist.

As the provincial highways and the United States highway system began to develop in the 1920s, long-distance road journeys became more common, and the need for inexpensive, easily accessible overnight accommodation sited close to the main routes led to the growth of the motel concept. Motels peaked in popularity in the 1960s with rising car travel, only to decline in response to competition from the newer chain hotels which became commonplace at highway interchanges as traffic was bypassed onto newly constructed freeways."


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laszlo Torok Photographer

Yesterday, I was cleaning my bookshelf and found this book by Laszlo Torok called "Modosulasok" published in the "AK fuzetek" series. The front page caught my attention and I loved the images inside. I did a search on him on the internet, but couldn't find his own personal website. Too bad he should have one.

Torok Laszlo Fotomuvesz if you are out there in cyberspace please contact me at: info@susanbondor.com. It would be great to talk to you. Thanks.

I hope that you don't mind, if I attach one of your great images here in my blog.

Find Laszlo Torok's biography here only if you know Hungarian. You can see more of his images there as well if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

László Török - Family, 1972

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Funny Postcards by Paul Stranton

I have recently drove to Las Vegas and back and thanks to my daughter looking for souvenirs I have discovered the following funny postcards by Duck Boy Card Inc. These images were taken by Paul Stranton deliver funny concepts in black and white. 

Here are some of my favorites: