Friday, November 30, 2012

In Retrospect Series: Cover up, 2012

In Retrospect Series: Cover Up, 2012
Photograph by Susan Bondor

My husband and I have left Hungary in 1987 and lived in Lower Austria for a year waiting to immigrate to Canada. This image was taken by my father in law in 1987 when my inlaws visited us on the summer.

We had tons of free time there strolling the surrounding heels – a breathtaking scenery. An idea came to me of us photographed on the hills in our birthday suites standing under a tree.

We drove up to one of the mountain tops over Kirschlag. We got naked and my father in law took couple of shots – as my mother in law watched over. Couple of vehicles passed by honking their horns or slowing down to take a look. The "photoshoot" was over quickly.

In Easter Europe where nudity is cherished and exhibited in public sculptures all over Budapest. Having lived in North America for over 20 years and having a family changed our view about what culturally acceptable when it comes showing up your private bits.

This image represents our adaptation and cultural shift trying to fit into the norms of our new "culture" where we would not ever be fully fit in, incorporated, or be excepted.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Conceptual Art: The day I learned the truth about you

Underground Parking Series:
The day I learned the truth about you, 2012
B&W photograph by Susan Bondor

IQ tests: women score higher than man

Underground Parking Series:
IQ tests: women score higher than man, 2012
Black and white photograph by Susan Bondor

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